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Divorce help from cell phone apps

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2015 | Firm News

Divorce is stressfull.  It sometimes helps to have something to fall back on during the stress of your divorce.   Luckily, that help may be as close as your cell phone!!  Here are some apps you may wish to use as you PEACEFULLY work through your divorce.

same Street Divorce (iOS/Android): By using popular characters from Sesame Street, kids get a  gentle introduction to divorce, including getting used to two homes. The app also offers parenting tips and conversation starters to get kids talking about how they’re feeling during this time of transition.

Our Family Wizard (iOS/Android): Parents can take the stress out of co-parenting by sharing important information about the costs of child support. For example, a parent initiating an expense on the part of the child can create an entry and then attach a receipt. Parents agree to pre-set formulas for how amounts is split (i.e., 50-50 on medical expenses). Once the receipt is approved by the other parent, the share of the payment is transferred from one parent to another through an attached account, like PayPal or a checking account. The popular app provides a shared child custody interface, too!

iSplit Divorce App (iOS/Android): How to split your marital assets? Here is an overview of the asset division process with iSplit, an app that has you assign values to your list of assets, then drag and drop icons to each individual side to see how they stack up — the app keeps a running total of the value of each side’s assets. You can also export the information into a spreadsheet to bring with you to a meeting with your attorney or give a copy to your spouse or financial advisor.

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day (Android): Laughter is the best medicine, right? Get this app packed with positive and practical advice for getting through the divorce process with your good humor intact.

Divorce Log (iOS): This app provides a calendar-based program to help you keep track of divorce-related information (i.e. alimony and child support payment dates, expenses, and time spent with the kids) in one place. All entries stored in the app can be forwarded directly to an email address so that you can send pertinent information to an attorney or ex-spouse. Easy!