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I don’t recall ever meeting anyone who actually enjoys writing a check to an attorney.  Heaven would be a world where the need for lawyers didn’t even exist – a world where only guilty people were charged with crimes and everyone could be trusted to uphold their word. But we aren’t in heaven – not yet anyway – and we certainly aren’t living in a perfect world, so the cold hard truth is that when push comes to shove, you better be hoping to heaven you have a great lawyer there to have your back.  Paul A. Ksicinski will have your back in your case!
Initially, I want to tell you something that may sound strange.  When I go to court, I try to laugh with the opposing attorney.  Many people think that a good lawyer must be the scariest lawyer – the one who would never back down and who would fight like a gladiator on your behalf. WRONG! I cannot express enough how wrong that thinking is. A fight to the death, take no prisoners lawyer, is one who will alienate everyone around you that you ever try to do a deal with (including possibly a jury); they will drain your pocket book by dragging the fights out to the bitter end; and they will convince you that settling is not an option because you are right and you shouldn’t give in. In the end, a lawyer like that wins for one person and one person only, themselves.  I will fight hard for you but more importantly I will fight smart.

Most people never have to face criminal charges. Despite the “presumption of innocence” that has been enshrined and codified in the American law, it’s entirely possible for innocent individuals to be swept up in criminal proceedings. As such, it’s important that criminal defendants retain an attorney who seems competent and trustworthy from the outset. In many cases, this can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal.

High-quality criminal defense attorneys who boast solid track records tend to charge lots of money for their services.  Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for.  If you think a fee is high for an experienced attorney with 28 years doing nothing but criminal cases, try the cost of an inexperienced attorney:  your life.  A good defense attorney who can secure an acquittal for $5,000 or even $10,000 might turn out to be a good investment in your freedom.

Just remember this: nothing will be more expensive to you than hiring a cheap lawyer, and nothing will be more painful than hiring the wrong lawyer.  Hire the right lawyer.  Hire Paul A. Ksicinski