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Homicide charges require experienced and skillful criminal trial attorneys. Below are common sense factors that will help you determine if the lawyer you are considering hiring is an experienced homicide lawyer.

  1. Has the lawyer had at least 20 criminal jury trials as lead counsel? During my over 25 years of experience, I have focused by legal practice on trying all sorts of homicide cases.  One of my homicide cases was featured on TRU TV.
  2. How many jury trials has that lawyer won as a defense attorney?  This is a vital question to ask. I have done over 100 trials as a criminal defense attorney.  Also, remember not all trials are equal.  It is important distinguish between trials won as a defense attorney and trials won as a prosecutor. Prosecutors win most of their cases at trial because they pick the cases that proceed to trial and pick the cases that they settle. If a lawyer tells you that they are a former prosecutor and that they tried 20 jury trials and won all of them that is not that much of an accomplishment. Winning a trial as a defense lawyer is much more difficult than winning as a prosecutor.   I have won many of my homicide cases.  In one case involving a mentally retarded client, the prosecutor ended up offering my client a personal apology for charging him in court!
  3. Also even good criminal trial attorneys often lose more than they win. If a criminal defense lawyer takes difficult cases to trial you have to expect that lawyer to lose more than they win.
  4. Does the lawyer write serious motions or just file “canned” form motions? Ask to see some of the lawyers writings. Is the motion over 2 to 3 pages? Is the lawyer actually arguing the law and applying the law to the facts? Or is the lawyer just asking the judge to do something without any legal analysis? Serious lawyers write serious motions and serious briefs. Paul Ksicinski is particularly skilled in instituting complex litigation such as the first challenge to race based traffic stops in Milwaukee County; the first challenge to Milwaukee County In-Custody Intake procedure of shackling all criminal defendants; exposed racial origins of felon disenfranchisement by filing first Wisconsin Voter’s Right Act challenge to felon disenfranchisement and has challenged Wisconsin’s same sex marriage ban.
  5. What steps has the lawyer taken to improve their trial abilities? Representing someone on a murder charge is a great responsibility. What steps has that lawyer taken to improve his or her skills as a trial lawyer? I have not only attended criminal law seminars specifically for homicide cases, I have taught classes on admission of evidence at trial.  In response to one of my published articles a person responded, “Paul Ksicinski diligently has his finger on the pulse of the nation…..” You want an attorney who knows what people on the jury are thinking!
  6. What kind of name does the lawyer have in the legal community?  Avvo has featured me as a criminal defense attorney. I received the Wisconsin Public Defender Performance Recognition Award that honored his “sustained outstanding performance” regarding client representation.  He was also awarded Certificate of Appreciation from Public Defender Office for “perseverance, leadership and attention to detail” so that the Office was “better prepared to argue issues in the area of identity, expert witnesses and motions in limine.”  Paul Ksicinski’s other acts outline has been used by Professor Stephen P. Hurley at UW Madison Law School for his evidence class.  Paul Ksicinski was featured in Professor Berman’s Sentencing Law and Policy Blog on Apprendi’s bar to using a juvenile conviction as a predicate offense for a charge in the adult system.  Justice David T. Prosser referred to Paul Ksicinski’s lawyering as “excellent” and “skillful.” Russell Stamper, former Judge in Milwaukee County, WI, has said about me, “I endorse this lawyer. He’s smart, resourceful, creative, bold, a humanitarian with a strong social conscience in pursuit of justice through the legal system.” Katie, a former client said, “Given Paul’s vast experience and wealth of knowledge, I highly recommend his excellent representation.
  7. I am used to high pressure homicide cases.  Take a look here to learn about one of cases with international headlines, Tracy Edwards, the man who led police to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

If you evaluate the lawyer you are considering hiring using the common sense factors listed above, you will know the only homicide defense attorney for you is Paul A. Ksicinski.

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