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Case Briefs And Articles

Below are just a few of the briefs I’ve submitted on behalf my clients.

Disenfranchisement Brief In Chief

Challenge To Constitutionality Of Felony Murder Statute

Unique Cases

  • The Taking of the Devil’s Violin

In a case that sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, Attorney Ksicinski represented a humble barber entangled in the audacious theft of Frank Almond’s legendary 1715 Stradivarius violin, a heist masterminded by Salah Salahadyn in Wisconsin, involving a $6 million instrument shrouded in myths of being touched by the devil himself. This story was later made into the 2019 thriller, Plucked.

  • Being Touched by a Monster: Representing Jeffrey Dahmer’s Last Victim

Attorney Ksicinski had the solemn privilege of representing Tracy Edwards, whose harrowing escape from Jeffrey Dahmer became widely known through ‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ on Netflix. Despite surviving the clutches of a monster, Edwards could not elude the enduring shadows of trauma, his life mirroring the tragic fall of Humpty Dumpty. His fragmented existence ultimately led to an arrest for attempted murder, a poignant reminder of his continuous struggle to reclaim the pieces of his shattered life.


What So Proudly We Hail

Speed Trap Paul Revere: First Amendment Protections and Flashing High Beam Headlights

The Right To Speak Offensively About Persons, Institutions, Beliefs or National Symbols

Homelessness Should Not Be a Crime

The Right To Rebel Against Unjust Laws in America

Your Constitutional Right To Videotape Police

History, Expungement And Pardons: Issues Related To How A Felon Can Possess A Firearm