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Helping You Combat Drug Charges

When drug charges are on the table, there are no small or insignificant cases. Both misdemeanor and felony drug convictions carry heavy penalties that can follow you long after you serve your time. If you want to prevent these repercussions from impacting your future, it helps to have a proven lawyer by your side.

I am attorney Paul Ksicinski, and I am ready to help you protect your rights and your reputation against drug offense allegations. As the solo practitioner at Paul A Ksicinski Attorney at Law, I provide one-on-one attention to clients throughout the state of Wisconsin. I use over 30 years of legal experience to defend my client’s interests throughout the criminal process.

Ready To Fight Misdemeanor And Felony Offenses

Although many states are loosening their stance on marijuana possession, this is not the case in Wisconsin. Prosecutors and police officers take a hard line on drug offenses, which is why it is critical to receive qualified legal counsel before you take legal action.

I have a comprehensive understanding of state drug laws, and I know which strategies prosecutors use to secure maximum penalties. I am ready to use my insight to fight drug charges associated with:

  • Possession
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery

I am qualified to represent clients struggling with drug violations tied to marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, opioids and prescription drugs.

Whether you were subjected to an illegal search during a traffic stop or suffered another constitutional violation, I am ready to help you stand up for your rights in and out of court. As your attorney, I will examine all evidence and circumstances surrounding your arrest. I will serve as your legal champion from the beginning to the end of your case.

Understanding Drug Schedules

In drug violation cases, the charge and penalties you face is tied to a government-created drug schedule. Controlled substances with the highest likelihood of abuse and dependence are classified as Schedule 1 drugs. Controlled substances with the least likelihood of abuse are assigned to the Schedule 5 category. I am equipped to defend individuals facing charges in any drug schedule category.

No Judgments, Just A Path Forward

As a criminal defense lawyer, I believe everyone deserves a legal ally. I understand that people make mistakes, but I don’t think one mistake should dictate their future. When you consult with me, I want you to share your story without fear of judgment. I am here to advocate for you, not to judge.

Let me help you find your path forward. Please email my Waukesha County firm or call 414-404-3393 to arrange your free consultation at Paul A Ksicinski Attorney at Law today.