Aggressively Defending My Clients Since 1990

Ready To Fight For Your Rights

You could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. You could have made a thoughtless mistake. Whatever the reason you’ve found yourself at odds with the law, you don’t have to accept the charges. You do have a right to defend yourself, and I can help.

I’m attorney Paul Ksicinski, and I am equipped to challenge the misdemeanor or felony violations you are facing. I have focused solely on criminal defense cases since 1990. Few attorneys in Oconomowoc and the surrounding communities can match my level of experience in and out of court. Don’t confront the criminal process alone. Let me take swift and effective action to lessen the impact your legal problem has on your life.

Why It’s Critical To Retain A Lawyer

There is a variety of reasons navigating Wisconsin’s legal system can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to understand the charges and potential penalties connected to conviction. Negotiating a fair plea agreement can be complex if you don’t know how prosecutors think or you don’t know where to find strong evidence. Representing yourself to save money can cost you in the long run.

Working with a public defender is an option, but I know how overwhelmed these attorneys are. I served as a public defender for over two decades. It is extremely difficult for these public servants provide the level of care a defendant deserves.

At my firm, Paul A Ksicinski Attorney at Law, I prioritize quality over quantity. As my client, it’s to your advantage that I am selective. I take the time necessary to learn about my client’s situation, examine the facts and customize a legal strategy. When your freedom and future hang in the balance, you should work with an attorney who provides his undivided attention.

Cases I Handle

Since 1990, I have represented my clients in a range of criminal matters, including:

  • Violent crime charges, such as homicide, felony murder and sexual assault
  • Domestic violence and restraining order violations
  • Drug offenses, such as possession, manufacturing, delivery and trafficking
  • DUI and OWI

This list is not exhaustive. I am equipped to represent clients in other matters – and win.

You may think your case is too small or too intricate. Before you reject my services as an option, contact me. I offer free initial consultations, during which I will give you my honest opinion of your options.

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Arrange your free case review with a proven attorney today. Call 414-404-3393 or complete my online form to begin the conversation. Although my firm is located in Oconomowoc, I regularly represent clients throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area.