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If I hire you as my criminal lawyer or defense attorney, can you guarantee me that my case or criminal charges will be dismissed?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2015 | Firm News

When people pay me money to hire me as their criminal lawyer or defense attorney, they may ask something like, “If I pay you this money, can you guarantee me you will get me off on these charges?”

It is an understandable question but a question any honest lawyer cannot answer.  Not because they do not want to answer a client’s question.  But because it is impossible for anyone to guarantee what will happen in the future.  Any lawyer or attorney who guarantees what will happen in the future is trying to make a quick buck off a client without regard to effective representation of the client on their drug, assault, OWI or DWI charges, felony or misdemeanor.  I explain that any lawyer who tells a client they know the future about their case should have a crystal ball or magic wand in their briefcase rather than law books.

I tell every person who comes to see me that I cannot guarantee the future but I can guarantee I have a history of taking what others thought to be losing cases and winning those cases.  I guarantee them that as their defense attorney or criminal attorney, I will work hard on their case to protect all their rights.  When I review the facts of a case, I guarantee I will look for any issue to file a legal challenge to the prosecution.

In other words, I guarantee you to exert my best efforts to defend you and your rights which has helped most people.